Lana Del Rey & Chris Isaak Sing Gorgeous Duet On “Wicked Game”

Lana Del Rey and Chris Isaak may not be an expected duo, but their live rendition of “Wicked Game” at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles was nothing short of magical. Del Rey, known for her ethereal vocals, invited Isaak, the Californian hitmaker, to join her on stage, resulting in a stunning performance that captivated the audience.

Despite their differing musical styles and eras, Del Rey and Isaak’s voices blended seamlessly, creating a mesmerizing harmony. Isaak took the lead with his soulful vocals and acoustic guitar skills, while Del Rey provided a haunting counterpoint that added depth to the song. Her airy backing vocals added an ethereal quality to the performance, enhancing the overall mood of the hit.

The highlight of the duet came towards the end, as Del Rey’s voice soared over the final section of the song, leaving a lasting impression on the audience. Fans were quick to praise the chemistry between the two artists, expressing their desire for a studio version of their collaboration.

Despite the brilliance of their performance, this collaboration remains a one-time event. Isaak, now in his 60s, has slowed down in recent years, making fewer releases and possibly entering semi-retirement. Del Rey, on the other hand, continues to have a busy schedule, as evidenced by her duets with Sean Lennon and Jesse Rutherford during the same Hollywood Bowl appearance.

“Wicked Game,” originally released as the lead single from Isaak’s third album, “Heart Shaped World,” remains his most iconic track. Its appearance in David Lynch’s film “Wild at Heart” propelled it to success, eventually reaching number six on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. With over 567 million streams on Spotify alone, “Wicked Game” continues to be Isaak’s standout hit and a timeless classic in contemporary music.

Del Rey’s decision to cover “Wicked Game” speaks to the song’s enduring popularity and influence. Its frequent appearances in various media formats have solidified its status as one of the most influential love songs of modern times, leaving an indelible mark on music culture.

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