Marc Martel Sings “Somebody To Love” For Céline Dion

Over the years, we’ve witnessed a plethora of Queen tribute acts grace stages worldwide. While many manage to capture some essence of the iconic band’s spirit, there’s one group that stands out among the rest: Queen Extravaganza, the officially endorsed tribute band by Queen themselves.

At the helm of Queen Extravaganza is Marc Martel, a Canadian musician rooted in Christian rock, born in 1976. Martel’s vocal prowess often draws comparisons to the legendary Freddie Mercury, earning him acclaim from audiences spanning the globe. Even the likes of Céline Dion count among his admirers.

In a breathtaking rendition of ‘Somebody to Love’, Martel’s delivery elicits a profound emotional response from Dion and the entire audience. Their admiration is palpable, with viewers quick to commend Martel’s ability, affirming that “Freddie Mercury would be absolutely proud of him.” The performance, shared on platforms like YouTube, has garnered over 30k likes, with fans lauding Martel’s interpretation of this beloved anthem.

Unlike typical tribute bands that rely heavily on costumes and mimicry, Queen Extravaganza prides itself on genuine musical talent. Handpicked by Queen’s original drummer, Roger Taylor, and lead guitarist, Brian May, the band aims to unite fans—both seasoned enthusiasts and newcomers—in celebration of Queen’s timeless music.

Since their inception in May 2012, Queen Extravaganza has graced various television shows, including a memorable debut on American Idol that attracted over 22 million viewers. Their live performances have captivated audiences in prestigious venues worldwide, from the Grand Théâtre de Québec to the Plaza Live in Orlando and the Usher Hall in Edinburgh.

In 2017, Marc Martel embarked on a new venture, departing from Queen Extravaganza to launch his own Ultimate Queen Celebration. Touring across Australia, New Zealand, and North America, Martel continues his mission to deliver an unparalleled rock experience to Queen fans everywhere. With upcoming shows slated for Sydney, Melbourne, and Christchurch, this Freddie Mercury doppelgänger remains dedicated to honoring Queen’s legacy through electrifying performances.

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