Matteo Bocelli “Accidentally” Duets On Fall On Me, The “Perfect Song” To Sing With His Opera Star Father

Meet Matteo Bocelli, a rising talent who may have flown under your radar if not for his renowned father, Andrea Bocelli. If you’ve encountered Matteo, it’s likely through the enchanting duet “Fall on Me,” which he performed with his father. This dynamic is more than just a musical collaboration; it’s a testament to the loving relationship between a superstar father and his son. In November 2018, when “Fall on Me” was released, Andrea Bocelli expressed mixed feelings in an interview with People magazine.

Andrea shared, “He was not in my plans — I didn’t want him to participate in the recordings because I believe he needs to finish his studies at the conservatory. But we had a great opportunity, and we took it because it was a great song. But it doesn’t mean in any way that he’s arrived!” Andrea emphasized his desire for Matteo’s success but, more importantly, his wish for his son to remain grounded. The duet is a captivating showcase of their musical synergy.

Matteo’s vocal prowess is undeniable, but the magic truly unfolds when Andrea’s luxurious, sonorous voice joins in, singing in Italian, reaching its peak as father and son harmonize. Classic FM notes Andrea’s beautiful descant, creating a stunning contrast as Matteo sings ‘Fly like a cannonball…’ before the duo mesmerizes with the chorus. YouTube comments, like Mark Lester Catunga’s emotional response, reflect the deep impact of their performance.

Norma Huff, a seasoned cellist, shared a touching moment after performing with Bocelli and Matteo in Miami. She expressed how the song lingered in her heart, creating an unforgettable memory. Lauri School Marm captured the essence of their connection, noting the unmistakable and heartbreakingly beautiful love on Andrea’s face as Matteo sang. Let’s hear directly from Matteo in this rendition:

According to Matteo, the recording of “Fall on Me” was serendipitous. He initially created a demo to persuade his father to explore a pop-style song. However, the producer, Bob Ezrin, proposed transforming the love duet into a poignant dialogue between a father and his son. Ezrin described the son seeking guidance and the father providing reassurance. The experiment proved a success, culminating in a beautiful and perfect record.

Andrea Bocelli, while initially cautious, expressed his hopes for Matteo to remain true to himself, anchored to the values instilled in their family. “Fall On Me” found its place on Andrea Bocelli’s album, “Sì” (2018), and was featured in the movie “The Nutcracker and the Four Realms.” Matteo embarked on his solo journey with the release of his debut single, “Solo,” in September 2021. Fast forward to September 2023, Matteo unveiled his eponymous album, featuring singles like “Chasing Stars,” a touching ode to their father by Ed & Matthew Sheeran. Let’s delve into this musical journey with a listen.

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