Miguel Montalban An Excellent Guitarist & Composer From Chile

Meet Miguel Montalban, an exceptional guitarist hailing from Santiago, Chile, and acclaimed as “One of the greatest young guitarists around.” Setting the streets of Oxford Circus in London ablaze, Miguel showcased his fingerstyle mastery with a captivating performance of “Sultans Of Swing,” bringing the bustling street to a standstill. A passer-by captured this mesmerizing moment, uploading the 9-and-a-half-minute display of guitaring genius on YouTube, instantly propelling Miguel into viral fame.

Renowned for his brilliant guitar solos, Miguel boasts a YouTube channel with over 107k subscribers and a collection of viral videos. In one striking performance, he takes on the lead of Queen’s iconic “Bohemian Rhapsody” live on the streets, showcasing his immense talent.

Miguel, who released successful albums “Inspirations Vol1 and Vol2” in 2015, has sold over 20,000 copies in the first few years. Recognized as a representative of London’s “International Busking Day,” Miguel has earned accolades from notable musicians like Mark Knopfler, who described him as “totally Excellent” with a “Sultan’s ear” and likened him to a superior Dire Solder.

Not only endorsed by fellow musicians, but Miguel has also captured the attention of international brands. Sponsored by Gibson Guitars, Carlino Guitars in the USA, Olympus Custom Guitars, and Grover Allman in Australia, he even achieved the production of his own prototype signature custom guitar. In a sponsored video at Gibson’s showrooms, Miguel covers Pink Floyd’s “Wish You Were Here,” showcasing both his musical prowess and the brand’s quality.Having received accolades from industry professionals and aligning with major brands, Miguel continues to carve a successful music career playing the electric guitar. Since launching his YouTube channel in August 2013, he has accumulated over 25 million views across his incredible videos. In one such video, he takes to the streets yet again, delivering a soulful cover of JJ Cale’s “Cocaine.” As Miguel Montalban’s star continues to rise, the music world eagerly anticipates the future chapters of this talented musician’s journey.

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