Michelle Davina’s An Incredible Singer From Holland

Michelle Davina’s rise to international music stardom is a testament to the power of humility and authenticity, with a surprising assist from pop sensation P!nk. Despite P!nk’s larger-than-life persona, she displayed genuine humility when Glamour showed her Davina’s cover of her song “What About Us,” capturing her heartfelt reaction on film.

Davina, a young and relatively unknown Dutch singer based in Holland, embarked on her musical journey by participating in the Dutch version of Idols in 2016. Although she made it to the duet round, the prospect of achieving international recognition seemed distant. However, her decision to start posting covers on YouTube in February 2017 marked the beginning of a remarkable journey.

Her rendition of P!nk’s “What About Us,” posted as her tenth cover on August 21, 2017, garnered significant attention and praise from viewers worldwide. Admirers lauded Davina’s ability to infuse the song with raw emotion, earning her a dedicated following on YouTube.

The unexpected turning point came less than two months later when Glamour uploaded a clip of P!nk reacting to Davina’s cover. P!nk’s genuine appreciation for Davina’s rendition catapulted her into the spotlight, leading to numerous television appearances in the Netherlands and beyond.

Davina’s talent continued to shine as she participated in the Dutch reality show “Beste Zangers,” where her interpretation of Glen Faria’s “Duurt te Lang” topped the Dutch charts and earned gold certification. Subsequently, she opened for P!nk during the “Beautiful Trauma Tour” and performed the Dutch national anthem at the first Formula 1 race in the Netherlands since 1985.

As the pandemic waned, Davina embarked on tours across Europe and even ventured to Los Angeles for a concert in February 2023. With singles and an album titled “My Own World” under her belt, Davina’s star continued to rise, culminating in supporting Maroon 5 for their stadium shows in Lisbon and Berlin.

With her cover of “What About Us” amassing 22 million views on YouTube and her channel boasting 1.56 million subscribers, Davina’s journey serves as a testament to the transformative power of authenticity and the impact of recognition from established artists like P!nk.

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