Michael Bublé Causes A Scene In NYC Subway With Acapella Performance

Michael Bublé, the Canadian crooner known for his smooth vocals, caused quite a stir in a New York City subway station with an impromptu acapella performance alongside vocal group Naturally 7. Their rendition of “Who’s Lovin’ You” from Bublé’s album “To Be Loved” brought commuters to a standstill, with smiles all around.

The video of their subway performance quickly gained traction online, amassing 5.6 million views. Naturally 7’s harmonies, reminiscent of gospel music, added depth and soul to the performance, elevating it to another level of musical excellence.

Bublé, no stranger to spontaneous public appearances, expressed his excitement about the subway performance, calling it “the coolest thing ever” and a true indicator of success. He emphasized the authenticity and organic nature of making music in such a raw and unfiltered setting.

Speaking of the subway’s architecture, Bublé noted how it enhanced the sound, attributing the acoustic bounce to the tiled surroundings. He playfully joked about feeling like a “real New Yorker” after the experience.

Interestingly, the acapella subway performance garnered more views on YouTube than the studio recording of “Who’s Lovin’ You”, highlighting the allure of live, unscripted moments in music.

The song itself, originally penned by Smokey Robinson for The Miracles, has seen numerous renditions by various artists over the years. The Jackson 5’s version, featuring a young Michael Jackson on lead vocals, notably topped the Billboard Hot 100.

Included on Bublé’s album “To Be Loved”, “Who’s Lovin’ You” became a staple of his live performances during the accompanying tour, with Naturally 7 serving as the support act. The album’s success solidified Bublé’s status as a chart-topping artist, both in the US and the UK, reaffirming his position as a beloved vocalist with a knack for timeless classics.

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