Olivia Rodrigo Surprises Jimmy Kimmel’s Kids on the Way to School

During an episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, Olivia Rodrigo made a surprise appearance as a hitchhiker on the Kimmel family’s morning school run. Kimmel’s daughter Jane and son Billy are big fans of Rodrigo’s music and were thrilled to see her join them for some carpool karaoke.

When Rodrigo hopped into the car, Jane was shocked and speechless, while Billy eagerly joined in the excitement. Rodrigo chatted with Jane, who eventually regained her composure for some carpool karaoke fun.

Kimmel mentioned that the family often listens to Rodrigo’s songs on their way to school. Rodrigo graciously thanked them and asked Jane and Billy about their favorite songs from her album “Guts.” They sang along to “Ballad of a Homeschooled Girl” and “Get Him Back!” with Rodrigo, showcasing their love for her music.

Rodrigo’s album “Guts” has been a huge hit, reaching number one in North America and Europe, including the US. The Kimmel family’s enthusiasm for her music reflects the widespread popularity of her second album.

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