Pagan Folk Band Omnia’s Foot Stomping Fee Ra Huri Has 81M Views On Youtube

Omnia, derived from the Latin word for “everything,” is a unique musical ensemble describing themselves as a “neoceltic pagan folk” band. Their journey began when a group of like-minded individuals, led by Steve Sic (Steve Evans van der Harten), came together, but it was the fateful encounter between Jenny and Steve at a music festival that truly set Omnia in motion. Jenny, an adept piano and Celtic harp player, found herself drawn to Steve, despite his unconventional Iron Age Celtic attire and face adorned with woad. Thus, began their musical and romantic partnership within Omnia.

In one of their performances captured in a video from 2012, Steve Sic mesmerizes with his flute while Jenny Evans van der Harten, now married to Steve, enchants with her harp. Together, they deliver a captivating rendition of “Fee Ra Huri,” a song whose title remains shrouded in mystery. While the lyrics may seem nonsensical, they evoke the spirit of traditional Irish dance, accompanied by flute melodies reminiscent of Jethro Tull. With over 81 million views on YouTube, “Fee Ra Huri” stands as Omnia’s most popular video, showcasing their eclectic fusion of musical influences.

“Fee Ra Huri” is emblematic of Omnia’s foot-stomping, danceable melodies that resonate beyond their core fan base. More than just a band, Omnia embodies a way of life, advocating for nature, respect for the planet, and personal freedom through their unique brand of PaganFolk Musick. Their aspiration to inspire extends to songs like “Earth Warrior,” which, while didactic in nature, prompts reflection on paganism and environmentalism.

Founder Steve Sic’s nomadic upbringing and eclectic interests shape Omnia’s ethos, reflected in their commitment to eco-anarchism and freedom advocacy. Currently residing in Slovakia on a secluded 40-acre mountain dubbed Terra Omnia, Steve and Jenny, known affectionately as Stenny, have renounced air travel and traditional concert venues due to their disillusionment with the mainstream music industry’s perceived dishonesty.

Despite their controversial views, Omnia’s music continues to captivate audiences worldwide, transcending boundaries and inspiring introspection. Whether you’re drawn to their infectious melodies or intrigued by their unconventional lifestyle, Omnia invites listeners to explore a world where music, nature, and freedom intertwine.

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