Pink Sings Heartwarming Duet With Her Dad On “I Have Seen The Rain”

Pink and her father, Jim Moore, shared a touching moment onstage during her show in New York City, captivating the audience with their heartfelt duet of “I Have Seen the Rain.” Accompanied by Jim on acoustic guitar and backup vocals, Pink delivered a stunning lead vocal on this folk ballad, creating a truly intimate atmosphere as the crowd joined in with claps and cheers.

The bond between father and daughter was palpable as they sang, exchanging heartfelt glances and cherishing the moment together. Pink, known for her energetic pop anthems, showcased a different side of her musical prowess, proving her versatility across genres with effortless style.

Expressing her gratitude to her father for sparking her passion for music, Pink shared with the audience that her dad, a Vietnam War veteran, had written the song “I Have Seen the Rain” about 40 years ago during his time in Vietnam. It was a poignant moment as Pink introduced her father as her “favorite person in the whole world” before they launched into the heartfelt performance.

“I Have Seen the Rain,” penned by Jim during his service in Vietnam, holds a special place in Pink’s heart, as she included it as a hidden track on her fourth studio album, “I’m Not Dead Yet.” The live rendition captured at Pink’s flash mob show in New York City showcased the song’s acoustic beauty, highlighting the emotional depth of the lyrics.

Reflecting on the significance of the song, Pink shared that it was the first song she ever learned to sing and harmonize with her father at Vietnam vet functions. Recording the song together in the studio was a cherished moment for both, capturing their musical connection in a single take filled with love and harmony.

As fans celebrated Jim’s talent and legacy following his passing at age 75 in August 2021, the heartfelt performances with Pink serve as enduring tributes to his songwriting prowess and the bond he shared with his daughter. Through their music, Pink and Jim continue to touch the hearts of audiences, leaving behind a legacy of love and musical inspiration.

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