Callum Scott Pranks Radio Show Presenter In Hilarious Scene

During a guest appearance on an Australian radio show in 2018, Calum Scott found himself at the center of a hilarious prank orchestrated at the expense of one of the show’s presenters. Scott, who was promoting his album, “Only Human,” on the Fifi, Fev, Byron morning show in Melbourne, Victoria, became part of a memorable prank that left everyone in stitches.

The unsuspecting target of the prank was Brendan ‘Fev’ Fevola, a known enthusiast of Scott’s breakout hit, “Dancing On My Own.” This song catapulted Scott to fame after his mesmerizing audition on Britain’s Got Talent in April 2015, a moment that has since amassed over 386 million views on YouTube.

The radio segment in question was dubbed “X-Factor for Tradies,” with “tradie” being Australian slang for a tradesperson. Presenter Fifi Box and Scott conspired in secret to pull off the prank, devising a plan to disguise the Yorkshire-born singer as an Australian tradesman who would perform “Dancing On My Own” incognito, testing whether Fev would recognize him.

Disguised as “Scott from Scoresby,” a Melbourne suburb, Scott took the stage as the supposed bricklayer ready to showcase his vocal talents. As the piano intro of “Dancing On My Own” began, Fev’s excitement was palpable, unaware that the real Calum Scott stood before him.

To maintain the ruse, Scott adopted an Australian accent and kept his responses brief, adding to the comedic tension. As Scott’s majestic voice soared through the song, Fev’s initial surprise quickly turned into admiration, with him even proclaiming that the performance was better than Scott’s.

The reveal came as a shock to Fev when Box disclosed Scott’s true identity, leading to a moment of disbelief followed by uproarious laughter. Fev’s final remark about Scott’s unusually clean boots added the perfect comedic touch to the unforgettable prank that left everyone in stitches.

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