P!nk Invites 12-Year-Old Fan To Sing In Her Show

Every aspiring singer dreams of sharing the stage with their musical idol, but for Victoria Anthony, a devoted fan of P!nk, that dream became a reality through a simple request. When Victoria discovered that P!nk would be performing in her hometown of Vancouver, she took action.

Taking to Twitter, Victoria launched a campaign, politely asking P!nk if she could join her onstage at Rogers Arena. Her tweet, despite its simplicity, carried a profound sense of hope: “Hey @Pink, please let me sing on stage with you in #Vancouver May 12. I’ll be ready! – Victoria (age 12). Share this video and tag #vicandpink to make my dream come true.”

For a twelve-year-old, Victoria’s tweet showcased a remarkable level of maturity, coupled with a clear call to action—a key ingredient in any successful online campaign. Yet, even with the well-crafted tweet, Victoria knew she needed a stroke of luck. Fortunately, luck smiled upon her when her hashtag caught the attention of Canadian singer Sarah McLachlan.

Sarah, moved by Victoria’s plea, took matters into her own hands and reached out to P!nk directly on Twitter: “Hey @Pink, you have to check out 12yr old @vicanthonymusic. She really wants to sing with you on May 12th in #Vancouver. Make her #dreamcometrue. #VicAndPink #BeautifulTraumaWorldTour”

Despite the attention generated by Sarah’s tweet, the day of the concert arrived without any word from P!nk. Victoria attended the concert, eagerly anticipating seeing her idol, but not daring to hope for more. Then, midway through the show, P!nk addressed her directly. With a smile, she asked, “Are you who I read about on the news? Are you the singer? Do you want to come sing something?”

True to her tweet, Victoria was prepared. She made her way to the front of the stage and delivered a stunning rendition of P!nk’s hit, “Perfect.” Both the crowd and P!nk herself were left in awe of Victoria’s talent. Her voice belied her age, showcasing a maturity and refinement far beyond her years. So impressed was P!nk that after Victoria’s performance, she jokingly remarked that she wouldn’t sing that song in the concert, as she didn’t want to follow Victoria’s act.

Victoria Anthony’s moment onstage with P!nk stands as a testament to the power of dreams, determination, and the unwavering support of the community. It’s a reminder that sometimes, all it takes is a simple ask to turn a dream into reality.

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