Reza Khan’s Groomsmen Go ALL Out With Crazy Dance At Indian & Pakistani Wedding

When Reza Khan married Puja Tailor Khan in Boston, he knew he wanted to make a lasting impression with his groom’s dance. Their multicultural backgrounds inspired a performance that seamlessly blended rap, reggaeton, and Bollywood music, captivating the wedding guests with its energy and creativity.

Puja’s Indian heritage made Bollywood music a fitting choice, and Reza and his friends executed a meticulously choreographed routine that spanned over 10 minutes. Their dedication and months of practice shone through as they brought the dance floor to life with their synchronized moves and infectious enthusiasm.

The video of their performance quickly went viral, garnering 5.1 million views on the couple’s YouTube channel, Reza & Puja Khan. Beginning with heartfelt words of love for Puja, Reza’s dance was a celebration of their union, filled with joy and excitement.

From the iconic call and response of Beyoncé’s “Run the World (Girls)” to the lively Bollywood track “Malhari” from the film “Bajirao Mastani,” the performance was a testament to Reza’s diverse musical taste and his commitment to making their wedding unforgettable.

Netizens praised the couple’s innovative approach to wedding dances, applauding Reza’s confidence and the seamless fusion of different music genres. Reza and Puja, both content creators, continue to share glimpses of their life together on their YouTube channel and individual Instagram accounts, offering a window into their vibrant world.

In the video description, the couple shared the backstory behind the groom’s dance, highlighting Reza’s passion for music and his desire to create a memorable experience for their special day. With songs ranging from Latin rap to old-school hip-hop jams and Bollywood hits, the performance reflected their love for music and cultural diversity.


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