Taylor Hawkins’ 16 Year Old Son Steals The Show Playing “My Hero” At Father’s Tribute Concert

In March 2022, the music world mourned the loss of Taylor Hawkins, the beloved drummer of the Foo Fighters since 1997. However, his legacy was celebrated in a powerful tribute concert on September 3rd, 2022. One of the most touching moments came when Shane Hawkins, Taylor’s 16-year-old son, joined the Foo Fighters on stage to perform “My Hero.”

Before introducing Shane to the audience, Dave Grohl, lead vocalist of the Foo Fighters, praised Shane’s drumming skills, noting that he hits the drums with an intensity reminiscent of his father. A touching photo of Shane and Taylor was displayed on the screen above the stage, emphasizing Shane’s connection to the Foo Fighters family. Shane’s performance behind the drum kit was nothing short of spectacular, showcasing his talent and honoring his father’s legacy.

The tribute concert, held on September 3rd, 2022, featured an epic set list of 50 songs spanning over 6 hours. The evening kicked off with Liam Gallagher performing classic Oasis songs alongside members of the Foo Fighters. The lineup of guest performers paying homage to Taylor Hawkins was truly impressive, including legends like Lars Ulrich of Metallica, Brian Johnson of AC/DC, and Paul McCartney, among others.

The concert was a monumental event, bringing together some of the biggest names in music to honor Taylor Hawkins’ memory. Another tribute show is scheduled for September 27th at Los Angeles’ Kia Forum, and fans are eager to see if Shane will make another appearance. Regardless, Shane has proven that he possesses the talent and skill to command the stage alongside the world’s greatest musicians.

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