This Pub Choir Video Features Over 18,000 Singers Performing An Epic Version Of Toto’s Africa

This is truly magnificent. “Africa” by Toto is a rock masterpiece, renowned for its grandeur. In a November 2022 article discussing the immense online popularity of “Africa,” Vice noted: “This emotionally charged, somewhat kitschy melody, which celebrated its 35th anniversary, commands a sincere and nearly universal admiration across the internet”. Vice also observed, “The song’s widespread appeal is partly due to its meticulous composition, featuring compelling drum beats, intricate harmonies, and a rousing chorus.”

Vice pointed out that the song’s cryptic lyrics, which are somewhat difficult to decipher, likely contribute to its wide appeal. Additionally, the song has another layer of grandeur. David Paich, the primary composer, explained that “the song expresses a love for the continent of Africa, rather than a mere personal love story”. His inspiration came from “a late-night documentary showcasing the trials and tribulations in Africa,” despite never having visited the continent himself. Now, envision a scene where 18,000 individuals unite in song:

This massive assembly included Pub Choir. The video, as witnessed, was compiled from recordings across various Australian venues. In total, the Pub Choir project featured 18,812 participants and 37 musical contributors (including a man with a bullwhip) across 15 cities. Astrid Jorgensen, a New Zealand native who moved to Australia in 1998, is the founder and director of Pub Choir. She holds a Master of Music Studies (Vocal Performance) from the Queensland Conservatorium of Music.

Established in Brisbane in 2017, where Jorgensen resides, Pub Choir’s concept is straightforward yet innovative, reminiscent of British musician Bill Drummond’s “17” project. During Pub Choir events, Jorgensen instructs untrained singers in three-part harmonies of famous songs. These performances are then filmed and shared online. The November 2017 Pub Choir rendition of “Zombie” by The Cranberries gained viral fame, significantly boosting its visibility.

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