Kris Jones The Tennessee Whiskey Singing Dad

“Tennessee Whiskey,” originally by David Allan Coe in 1981, gained new life with Chris Stapleton’s R&B-tinged version on his 2015 debut album, “Traveller.” This rendition sparked a trend of covering the song on social media, with many using Stapleton’s style as their backdrop.

The standout cover came from Kris Jones in a Home Depot parking lot in 2017. Urged by his daughter Dayla to showcase his vocal talent, the performance went viral, amassing an estimated 70 million views on social media in just over a year, as reported by Country Music Family.

Kris Jones’ raw, unedited rendition in “Tennessee Whiskey (Carpool)” struck a chord, praised for its authenticity and lack of studio enhancements. A viewer, Mr. Jinx, highlighted Jones’ natural talent and the heartwarming father-daughter dynamic. Dayla’s beaming pride and lip-syncing added a special touch to the viral hit, turning it into a celebration of their bond.

Destinie Jones, Kris’s wife, shared the video on Facebook, which led to an appearance on “The Ellen Show.” There, Kris shared his lifelong singing aspirations, hindered by life’s challenges. His dreams saw a resurgence in 2018 with an EP that charted in the country music scene, a journey sparked by Stapleton’s influential hit.

Kris’s backstory is one of resilience. Growing up in Fort Worth, Texas, he faced societal challenges due to his mixed-race heritage. Music became his refuge, from church choirs to karaoke contests. However, tough circumstances led to a six-year prison sentence for aggravated assault, a time during which he found solace in singing. Upon release, Kris rebuilt his life, marrying and working steadily, though a stint on “American Idol” didn’t pan out.

Despite the buzz from “The Ellen Show” and appearances on shows like “The Voice” and “The Four,” Kris’s music career didn’t skyrocket as hoped. Nonetheless, he remains content, happily married, and cherished as the “Tennessee Whiskey dad.”

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