Watch Sam Wilkinson’s Journey From Audition To Winner In The Voice Kids 2019

Amidst the plethora of young talents emerging through platforms like The Voice, Sam Wilkinson’s journey stands out as a true testament to success. From the very beginning of his stint on The Voice Kids in 2019, Sam captured the hearts of both judges and audiences alike with his soulful guitar melodies and impressive vocal prowess, foreshadowing a promising future as a singer-songwriter.

In the video provided below, Sam’s evolution as a musician unfolds, showcasing not only his final performance but also every captivating moment he graced the stage throughout the competition. It’s a touching testament to his growth and confidence, eliciting tears and joy alike from viewers as they witness his musical journey unfold, from his heartfelt original composition “Everything’s Alright” to his spirited rendition of The Beatles’ timeless classic “Hey Jude” alongside Danny Jones.

Hailing from Lewisham, southeast London, Sam is not just a talented vocalist but also a proficient guitarist and harmonica player. His music, characterized by gentle yet emotionally resonant songwriting and delightful covers, has earned him opportunities to perform at various independent gigs, including appearances with Fuel The Music, a community dedicated to nurturing and promoting emerging musical talent.

Reflecting on Sam’s audition, his poignant performance of “Everything’s Alright” served as a poignant conclusion to his time on The Voice Kids, with the audience swaying in unison, each armed with a glow stick, creating a magical atmosphere befitting the winner of the 2019 edition.

Beyond his triumph on The Voice Kids, Sam has embarked on a bustling music career, gracing prestigious venues like Shepherd’s Bush Empire and the Royal Albert Hall with his original compositions and captivating covers of artists like Bob Dylan and Paolo Nutini.

As Sam continues to pursue his passion for music, captivating audiences with his talent and charisma, we eagerly anticipate the next chapters of his musical journey, confident that he will continue to entertain and inspire for years to come.

For more of Sam Wilkinson’s remarkable talent, subscribe to his YouTube channel and witness firsthand his musical evolution, from his early performances to his crowning achievement on The Voice Kids, and beyond. Don’t miss out on experiencing the emotional depth of his final performance on the show and the countless moments of musical brilliance that define his journey.

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