11-Year-Old AGT Contestant D’Corey Johnson Is A Singer To Watch Out For

On a fateful Tuesday night, 11-year-old D’Corey Johnson from Louisville, Kentucky, stepped onto the stage of NBC’s America’s Got Talent, captivating audiences with his soulful rendition. But how does a child of his age find himself on such a grand platform? D’Corey’s journey began with a viral video that set the stage for his remarkable ascent.

At the tender age of nine, D’Corey approached his principal, Miss Dunn, with a bold request—to sing the National Anthem. Miss Dunn, recognizing his talent, recorded his performance and shared it on Bates Elementary’s Facebook page, setting off a chain reaction of events that would change D’Corey’s life forever.

Fast forward to his AGT audition in 2023, where D’Corey’s song choice—Journey’s “Open Arms”—was a producer’s suggestion, presenting him with a daunting challenge: learning the song in just five days. Despite the pressure, D’Corey rose to the occasion, impressing not only the judges but also the audience, especially when he flawlessly sang acapella at Simon Cowell’s request.

With four resounding yeses from the judges, D’Corey’s journey on America’s Got Talent was just beginning. But this wasn’t his first taste of the limelight. His rendition of the National Anthem had previously garnered attention, leading to numerous requests for performances at prestigious events like the Daytona 500 and NFL games.

D’Corey’s passion for music runs deep, having started singing at the age of three. His talents even extended to the silver screen, with roles in movies like Sing 2 and The Loud House Movie. But it’s his heartfelt tribute to Breonna Taylor and his role in Hits: The Musical that truly showcase his depth as an artist.

Despite his busy schedule, D’Corey remains dedicated to his craft, practicing tirelessly to deliver unforgettable performances. His moment on America’s Got Talent was not just a triumph—it was a culmination of years of hard work and dedication. And as he stood on that stage, overwhelmed with gratitude and joy, D’Corey’s tears spoke volumes about the power of chasing your dreams against all odds.

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