Mennel Ibtissem Turns 4 Chairs On Beautiful “Hallelujah” Blind Audition On The Voice

In the realm of music, Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” has been covered countless times, but few renditions match the unique beauty of Mennel Ibtissem’s interpretation. The 22-year-old French-Syrian Muslim singer captivated audiences on The Voice France with her soul-stirring rendition, seamlessly blending elements of gospel, R&B, and her own cultural heritage.

From the moment Mennel began singing, it was evident that something special was unfolding. Her delicate yet powerful vocals not only turned the judges’ chairs but also touched the hearts of viewers across the globe. What set her performance apart was her decision to sing in both English and Arabic, infusing the classic song with new layers of meaning and emotion.

Mennel’s multicultural background added depth to her rendition, as she drew inspiration from Kuwaiti artist Muhammad Al Husayn’s “Ya Ilahi (Oh My Lord)” for the Arabic verses, seamlessly melding them with Cohen’s original lyrics. Accompanied by a mesmerizing blend of piano and an eight-string acoustic folk instrument, her performance was a testament to her artistry and creativity.

Beyond her musical talent, Mennel’s appearance on The Voice France sparked discussions about representation and diversity in the media. Her regal features and choice to wear a striking blue turban resonated deeply with French Muslim women, highlighting the importance of inclusion in high-profile contests like The Voice.

Following her stint on The Voice France, Mennel’s journey took her to America’s Got Talent, where she once again mesmerized audiences with her rendition of “Hallelujah” and A Great Big World’s “Say Something.” However, her time on the show was marred by controversy, as she withdrew before her vocals could be fully evaluated, leading to misleading editing that misrepresented her audition.

Despite the challenges, Mennel remained steadfast in her musical pursuits, relocating to Denver, Colorado, before returning to Paris to continue her career. With a steady stream of singles and an album titled Ma voie, she continues to captivate audiences with her piano-based music infused with Eastern influences, staying true to the artistic vision that first captured hearts on The Voice France.

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