Miley Cyrus And Metallica Perform Awesome Cover Of Nothing Else Matters

Life becomes truly enchanting when opposites come together to create something magical. A surprising and delightful example of this phenomenon occurred when Miley Cyrus, daughter of the legendary country star Billy Ray Cyrus, decided to cover Metallica’s “Nothing Else Matters.” Miley, initially known as the star of the teen show Hannah Montana, has since crafted a successful musical career spanning pop, country, and rock genres. Metallica, on the other hand, has always been synonymous with heavy metal, enjoying renewed popularity following the use of their song “Master of Puppets” in the hit Netflix series Stranger Things.

At first glance, Miley Cyrus and Metallica might seem like an unconventional pairing. However, Miley has explained that she felt a personal connection to the song, considering it as if it were written for her. This sentiment led her to include it in her set at Glastonbury in 2019, a tumultuous time when she was going through a divorce and had recently lost her home in the California wildfires.

The magic continued when Miley covered the song again for the 2021 tribute album, “The Blacklist.” This album featured various artists covering every song from Metallica’s self-titled 1991 album, commonly referred to as “The Black Album.” Miley’s rendition, accompanied by the renowned Elton John on piano, showcased her raspy and raw voice, adding genuine emotion to the song. Elton’s undeniable musical talent complemented Miley’s performance, proving that musical boundaries can be transcended.

Miley’s live performance of “Nothing Else Matters” on The Howard Stern show in 2021, despite the physical distance due to Covid, retained its stellar quality. The unexpected collaboration, with Metallica’s James Hetfield taking a supporting role, delivered an exceptional performance, revealing a vulnerable side of the band that contrasted with their tough image from the late ’80s.

During the performance, James Hetfield shared insights into the song’s origins, highlighting the contrast between the band’s tough image and the vulnerability expressed in “Nothing Else Matters.” The risk Metallica took in creating this emotionally charged and raw song has been appreciated by fans, showcasing a different dimension to the band.

For those unfamiliar with Miley’s rendition of “Nothing Else Matters,” it is a must-listen, bridging the gap between Metallica and Miley fans alike. The live performance captures the essence of the song’s emotion, making this unexpected duet a truly unique and memorable musical collaboration.

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