This Pub Choir Video Features Over 18,000 Singers Performing An Epic Version Of Toto’s Africa.

This is truly remarkable. Toto’s “Africa” is an iconic rock anthem that has stood the test of time. In a recent article by Vice in November 2022, they remarked on the song’s enduring popularity, stating: “Somehow, this sentimental yet cheesy tune, celebrating its 35th anniversary this year, continues to evoke genuine adoration across the internet.”

Vice also highlighted the song’s musical craftsmanship, noting its driving drum beats, layered harmonies, and anthemic chorus, which contribute to its universal appeal. Interestingly, Vice suggests that the song’s somewhat nonsensical lyrics and the challenge of deciphering them may actually enhance its charm.

David Paich, the primary songwriter, has revealed that “Africa” is more than just a love song; it’s an ode to the continent itself, inspired by a documentary depicting African struggles, despite Paich never having visited Africa.

Now, picture 18,000 strangers joining together to sing it:

The video captures a remarkable moment where 18,000 individuals, brought together by Pub Choir, unite to perform “Africa” by Toto. Shot in various venues across Australia and meticulously edited, the project involved 18,812 participants and 37 musical guests, showcasing the power of communal singing.

Pub Choir, founded in 2017 by singer, conductor, and composer Astrid Jorgensen, aims to make singing accessible to all, regardless of musical background. Similar to Bill Drummond’s “17” project, Pub Choir teaches popular songs in 3-part harmony to amateur singers during live events, which are then shared online.

Their rendition of “Running Up That Hill” by Kate Bush demonstrates their commitment to embracing music for the joy it brings rather than seeking perfection:

The Pub Choir ethos is simple: everyone can sing, and singing is not about perfection but about enjoying the experience. As stated on their website, “Singing is good for you, it’s EASY, and Pub Choir is here to show you how. With a show that is equal parts music, comedy, and beer, Pub Choir transforms a crowd of tipsy strangers into a legendary choir. Don’t prepare anything! You simply need to open your sound hole (your mouth FYI). Pub Choir will do the rest.”

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