Elderly Lady Sits Down At Public Piano And Plays Ragtime Like A Goddess

During one of Brendan Kavanagh’s visits to the train station to record himself playing on the public piano, he stumbled upon a remarkable talent.

This unidentified woman showcased her extraordinary skills, demonstrating her prowess in stride and ragtime piano playing. Watch the video below to witness her captivating performance:

Unfortunately, the identity of this talented pianist remains unknown. Brendan Kavanagh, also known as “Dr. K,” is a piano and piano accordion player from London with Irish roots. He works as a piano teacher and performer, managing a popular YouTube channel with over 1.2 million subscribers.

Dr. K often entertains audiences in open venues featuring public pianos, such as London Central Station. While he specializes in Boogie Woogie, he incorporates elements of classical, jazz, rock ‘n’ roll, and various other genres into his performances. In the video below, you’ll also witness a heartwarming moment when a young girl dressed in yellow joins him for an impromptu dance in the middle of a shopping center.

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